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hi im maxine the teenage eskimo
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i’ve been contemplating deleting my tumblr for a while but i started looking back at all of the dumb shit i used to post and don’t want to lose that, so i’m just not going to be using this blog. 

so this blog holds a lot of my high school weirdness. and that’s special. thanks for reading this idk.



Whole Wheat Vanilla Pancakes with greek yogurt, warm raspberries, kiwi, and a chocolate dusting! I just want it to be summer vacation so badly :

s i g h
yaaaaaaaaaa same

i’ve been away from you for a total of one day and i still can’t believe i was dumb enough to leave a boy that makes me breakfast

this is the most adorable person ever making pancakes with me needless to say everything that isn’t this absolutely sucks


have i ever been more emotional over some pencils???

hahahahahahahahahah i teared up at this earlier too doriana!!!!